Effective Design = Flawless Functionality?
September 29, 2021
The most important rule of designing is to have knowledge and understanding. Knowledge of the designing principles and understanding how to apply them to create an effective composition. This week we learnt about both.
According to the Gestalt Theory, we see compositions as a whole, not as an individual piece. But it is up to us how we interpret and implement different elements of designing and make an interactive design. As a graphic designer, I have always planned to design elements by roughly gridding all the content. Gridding gives structure to the composition.  It involves of visual hierarchy, balance (symmetric and asymmetric), scale, rhythm, figure and ground relationship, and framing.
By using all the elements correctly we can surely make an interactive design, but is the design functional? A design should be such that it should solve the purpose of the user without creating hurdles for the users. It is important not to lose track of the content while creating effective design. Design can be made pretty looking but if it does not satisfy the users’ need, it is an ineffective design.
Hence, an effective composition is one that has both – good functional design and good interactive design, which can only be created by having a sound understanding of design principles and user needs.
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